Why using eXandria

Never in history that has been such a massive number of books at disposal.

This means that if on one hand you have more choice than ever, on the other it is extremely difficult to find the book you have in mind. And with thousands of new books published every year, the books you love today will probably be forgotten, as they won’t find space in libraries or will have to compete with many others to catch your attention on the web.

Exandria wants to help you navigate your way through this splendid literary chaos and make sure you find exactly the book you are searching.

Three reasons why eXandria is different

Book search

Let’s say you would like to read a thriller set in Marseille nowadays. How you could find it? A generic search on the web won’t be of help, but eXandria could.

Use eXandria advanced search to sort books by genre, time and space settings and tags. We are creating an immense database attaching this essential information to each book in order to make it searchable. Today and forever.


Reviews play definitely an important part in choosing what to read, but we all know they are very subjective: probably out of 10 reviews of the same book 5 will be excellent and 5 terrible.

How to know whom to trust?

Exandria allows you to filter reviews according to reviewers’ characteristics – sex, age and nationality. If reviews get more homogeneous choosing will be easier!

You can also display only the reviews written by experts, which are users who have reviewed at least 10 books of the same genre. Their experience in a certain genre might better guide your choice!

Book-driven virtual clubs

If you are interested in joining a virtual book club but at the same time you would like to be free to choose what to read, try eXandria!

Just make your choice, see who else is reading the same book, then invite the other users to join your virtual club. Once you have finished to read the book, the club will be disbanded and you will be free to start over again with your next book!

What you can do with eXandria now

We are just at the beginning of this amazing adventure. Some features, like the advanced search and the virtual book club, are not yet available.

What we want from you now

In reaching our ambitious goals your contribute is crucial. When you write a review on eXandria, take a minute to catalogue the book by detailing its genre, time and space settings and adding tags. By doing this you will help us expanding our database while making sure that that book won’t be forgotten: someone else might be looking just for it!

We also invite you to inform us on any bug or problem you may have or book you cannot find.

You can write at [email protected].

With your help and advices we will build a better site!